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Game Changers

Game Changers Leadership Institute



game chang·er

/ɡām/ /ˈCHānjər/

An individual that uses innovation and problem solving skills to improve communities in an impactful way.



Game Changers Leadership Institute has been created to instill and develop traditional and nontraditional leadership practices for youth ages 16-24. We provide age appropriate, culturally conscious programming and learning environments that appeal to young leaders living in marginalized communities. We engage with young people in order to empower and equip them to overcome the challenges of today and the future. We provide positive self identity, build their capacity to lead and expand their sense of community responsibility by instilling culture, leadership and organizing practices. Our hope is to increase the leadership capacity and civic participation of youth by providing training, tools and various skills. Game Changers learning institutes are culturally responsive, intimate and unique. No two learning institutes are exactly alike and we keep our cohorts small to ensure relationship building. We are sensitive to the nuances and needs of each group and community we serve. Our institutes are anchored in identity development, organizing, relationship building, artivism, communication skills development and cultural learning. We also facilitate peer to peer learning and long term mentoring by training and employing active, community based peer leaders who are participating in a wide variety of healthy activities. Our team is committed to the long term success of every youth we serve.

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